Thank you to our boys Jon & Sam for all your help! 

Firearms and Accessories

Repair and sales of outdoor equipment



NEW shop is in the construction phase! 
Please wave or honk on your way through Whitehall at our SOON to be NEW location on 12140 State Route 22!  Currently guns are for sale at our current location 248 Broadway Whitehall NY 

Looking for a mechanic you can trust? 
Look no further!
We do business with a Handshake and a Smile
No matter where you bought it we'll fix it.


Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Saturday 9AM - 3PM

Sunday - CLOSED 

If not there we are either doing a pick up or delivery or fishing! Please leave a detailed message on the phone or you can leave your product that needs repair in front of the garage with a name and number.