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          12140 State Route 22 Whitehall NY 12887 


Photo- left - Sam, Truffle, Dave, Suzi, Jon Chaplin 

Dave started Doc's Repair in 2005 when we moved back home to Whitehall NY out of our garage on Broadway. Back then working as a Prison guard and having a small engine repair business out of the garage I (Suzi) was able to be a stay at home mom and have several fun direct sales businesses which many of you remember me driving that fun bunny car around and going on several FREE trips. But as the time came for Dave to come into his retirement years we decided to expand his business since it was getting a little to big for his small garage area and he was adding more and more customers, companies, and products. Dave also wanted to add Firearms to his business so I suggested a name change to Doc's Sales and Service if that happens. In 2017 we broke ground on the current location in Whitehall NY on Doc's Sales and Service. Unfortunate he had a horrible motorcycle accident and we had to put the project on hold. Fast forward to a long recovery period and so many headaches along the way we had opening day September 4th 2019. I (Suzi) knew NOTHING about Firearms but hey who says I can't learn right??? Let's skip all the drama that has happened between 2019 to today 2024... Because we couldn't have built an amazing business or filled this shop with such great products if it wasn't for you guys. So Dave, Sam, Truffles, and I thank you so much for stopping in and saying hi or driving by and honking. We appreciate you all for being such great customers and friends. Sam has grown up with a wrench in one hand and a screwdriver in the other. And soon will be off to learn, grow, and make us proud. So many more changes will be happening and we can't wait to show you all the things that we have for the future. 

Love, Suzi & Dave